Pieces by theme

Djurfors works in oil, watercolors and collage. Some of her paintings are done on aluminum, letting sliver of silver shine through. And among the angular figures there are still some landscapes. Some of her paintings refer to 9/11, with red lines symbolizing the bloodline that connects all of us, and a red ball balancing ominously from high above.

- Eva Stenskär, Nordstjernan, excerpt. 2005 New York


Anne-Marie's approach to her use of colour and shapes in landscapes are also repeated in her approach to developing her still-life compositions. Firmly rooted in modernism and design, her particular approach takes further shape. A still-life becomes the interior of a studio.

The contrast between the raw surface of aluminium and the multiple bright colours creates a tension and interplay that gives rise to other possible ways to view the piece. The interior of a studio pushes the boundaries further out, becoming the exterior. An urban landscape emerges. Her ”interiors/exteriors” suggest playfulness and openness or despair and catastrophy.
It could be a ball bouncing between the pictures in an open conversation. A collector of her art expressed it this way: ”The laser-red thread gives me a sense of hope as if to say we're always connected - externally and internally; body and mind”. The composition also suggests a kind of force, which at a moment's notice can disintegrate the otherwise peaceful urban miliue.