Pieces by theme

Rhythm and playfulness are the constant themes throughout her art. ”By rearranging certain details out of focus you can achieve rhythm”, says Anne-Marie Djurfors. This is precisely the effect she has achieved in the piece ”Freedom to Act”. In this piece you can note the playfulness, freedom and space. In this piece, there is also hope for a better future, says Anne-Marie. Her works have become increasingly organic in nature. You can also notice both male and female epitaphs in the picture: legs, quads, and space behind, in front the in between - in a three-dimensional dance. The picture really swings.

Susanna Hellberg, Dagens Nyheter

Freedom to Act
"The underpinning to Anne Marie Djurfors' work is constructivist thinking", wrote Stig Johansson, Svenska Dagbladet, as a description of her way of painting. "She works with counterpoints, juxtaposing the architectural with the organic, providing the eternal dialogue between forms. Body becomes geometry or vice versa in constant changeable and moving environment. This is the power, tension and life force behind her work.