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Swedish Museums, The National Arts Council of Sweden, County Councils and Local Goverments in Sweden. Private and Company Collections. Sweden, Germany, Canada.
    The Cathedral of Mariestad Mariestad, Sweden
    The Swedish Church, New York, USA.


University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada,
  1973-1977 Konstfack,University College of Arts Crafts and Design, graduated 1977 Stockholm Sweden
  Grants and awards:    

Stavenows,Konstfack, University College
of Arts Crafts and Design.

Stockholm, Sweden

Honour Award from the Government of Stockholm.

Stockholm, Sweden
  1980, 1982, 1983, 1988, 1991 The Arts Grants Committee. Stockholm, Sweden
  Selected Exhibitions, Solo.
  1977 Lilla Galleriet , Stockholm, Sweden
  1980 Bild och Form Västerås, Sweden
  1980 Lilla Galleriet , Stockholm, Sweden
  1983 Folkets Hus Ludvika, Sweden
  1983 Konstnärshuset, The House of Artists. Stockholm, Sweden
  1985 Konstnärshuset, The House of Artists. Stockholm, Sweden
  1988 Gallery Lucidor Stockholm, Sweden
  1990 Nacka Konsthall Nacka, Sweden
  1991 Gallery Sigma Växjö, Sweden
  1992 Gallery Bleue Stockholm, Sweden
  1996 Gallery Versalen Sundsvall, Sweden
  1997 Gallery Kavaletten Stockholm, Sweden
  1998 Stallet, Vadsbo museum Mariestad, Sweden
  1999 Gallery Sigma Växjö, Sweden
  2001 Borlänge konsthall Borlänge, Sweden
  2004 Town Hall Södertälje, Sweden
  2004 Lidköpings Konsthall Lidköping, Sweden
  2005 Swedish Church "Passage" New York, USA
  2007 Grünewaldvillan, Saltsjöateljén Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm , Sweden
  2008 Ekvall+Törnblom Stockholm, Sweden
  2009 Gallery Sjöhästen Lidingö, Sweden
  International Group Exhibitions    
Ars Baltica, “Flags around Kinneviken”
Västergötland, Sweden
  1994 ”Art Culture Communications”, ”Trailer” Västergötland, Sweden
  1994 Cultural Centre Kiel, Germany
  1995 ”Creations” The Cathedral of Mariestad Mariestad, Sweden
  2008 Opera Gallery, Europa Autentica Organization Budapest, Hungary
  2009 Florence Biennale Florence, Italy
  2011 Amsterdam Whiitney Gallery New York, USA
  2013 Studio Vogue Gallery, "Harmony in Diversity" Toronto, Canada
  2013 Marzia Frozen Contemporary Art, "Société Anonyme" Berlin, Germany
  Selected Group Exhibitions:    
  1974, De Unga Stockholm, Sweden
  1978, Örebro läns museum Örebro, Sweden
  1978, Sveagalleriet Stockholm, Sweden
  1978, 1981, 1982, Lilla Galleriet Stockholm, Sweden
  1984-85,1988,1990,2002, Konstnärshuset, The House of Artists. Stockholm, Sweden
  1989-91 Gallery Bleue Stockholm, Sweden
  1988, 1993, Sundsvalls museum Sundsvall, Sweden
  1993, Gallery Bergström Jönköping, Sweden
  1994, Lidköping Art Gallery Lidköping, Sweden
  1995, Stallet Vadsbo Museum Mariestad, Sweden
  1996, Gallery Plaisiren,Hässelby Castle Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm Cultural Capital of Europe

Stockholm, Sweden

  2008 "Body-Movement", Sundsvalls Museum Sundsvall, Sweden
  2009 Jubile Exhibition Gallery Sjöhästen Lidingö, Sweden
  Reviewed, published, a selection


  1994 Burman Egon, book, ”A Collection of Art works at Södra Skogsägarna” Växjö
  Sept. 4 1997 Hellberg Susanna, ” Images in Rhythm”, Dagens Nyheter National Morning paper in Sweden:
  Sept. 6 1997 Johansson Stig, ”Dialogue between Forms”, Svenska Dagbladet, National Morning paper in Sweden
  Febr. 27 1998 Åkerblom Lars, ”Anne-Marie Djurfors, Stallet Gallery” Mariestadstidningen Local paper in Sweden
  March 3, 1999 Krantz, Henrietta, ”Rhythm and Movement” Smålandsposten, Local paper in Sweden
  April 7, 2001 Törner, Marianne, ”Freedom to Act”, Falukuriren Local paper in Sweden
  May 2004 Lundgren Bertil, ”Exquisite and Equivocal” Nya Lidköpings Tidning, NLT Local paper in Sweden
  Oct.13 .2005 Stenskär Eva, , "Building Bridges ...", Nordstjernan, New York,USA. The oldest and largest Swedish- American publication published weekly since 1892. New York,USA
  Jan 15, 2009 Holmlund Susanne, "The Movement in the Eye of the Beholder" Sundsvall Tidning, Local paper in Sweden
  Dec. 4, 2010 Tucker Ruthie, "Anne-Marie Djurfors", Art Acquisitor Magazine. The Magazine for the Discerning Collector. New York,USA
  Febr 11, 2011 Stenskär Eva, "Anne-Marie Djurfors Back in New York" Nordstjernan, The Swedish Newspaper in America New York,USA
  Collections: Collections in Sweden, Germany, England, Canada and USA  


"A value framework" for Health and Medical Care
Stockholm County Council Stockholm
  2005 PhD thesis by Teci Hill  
  2009 PSA-men, novel by Olof Söderlind  


  Member organizations:    
    The Swedish Artists National Organization, KRO Stockholm, Sweden
    The Swedish Artists´ Association, SKR. Stockholm, Sweden
    The Copyright Organization of Visual Art in Sweden, BUS Stockholm, Sweden
    Artists Rights Society, ARS, Worldwide New York, USA